Pempe is an online video conferencing social media service where registered users can join, start or host live video conversation using webcam or live video. Video conversation can either be person-to-person or person-to-multi-person interactive video forum. Registered users can also do live chat; post feeds such as photos and texts; and exchange messages between users.

Pempe is available on all platforms such as desktop, mobile devices, smart TVs, and other devices that uses modern HTML5 browsers such as Chrome, Edge and Firefox.


Pempe can be used in different applications that suits your daily communication needs. From one-on-one video conversation, group video conversation, live discussions, online meetings, webinars, online classrooms, online live video forum, webcasting, broadcasting your own radio or TV station, and a lot more!

Our mission:

To provide everyone a free real-time social video communication platform in connecting with friends, family, associates, students or business partners.

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